Catch Phrase

How to Play: Just like the board game! Students are divided into teams. Write vocabulary words on separate pieces of paper (or have the students write them). One student begins by choosing one paper and describing the word (without say any part of the word or pointing to anything or making any gestures) to their... Continue Reading →


How to Carry Out Successful Class Games

Organization is key: If the students don't understand the game, it won't be fun. Be sure to explain all of the rules, the objective of the game and how to win. Demonstrate with 2 or 3 students before beginning.  For a lot of games, I number students from first to last on each team (usually based... Continue Reading →

Flip Cup

How to Play: Just like the party game, minus the booze! Organize desks in a long line and have two teams of students stand on either side facing each other. Give each student a plastic cup with a piece of paper at the bottom (face down so they can't read it!) This can be a vocabulary... Continue Reading →

Musical Chairs

How to Play: This classic game can be lots of fun in the classroom! Set up the game as normal - gathering chairs in a circle (one less chair than the number of students. If there are 20 students, set up 19 chairs). Students gather around the chairs (or inside the chairs if you prefer... Continue Reading →

Slap War

How to Play: Print pictures of whatever vocab words you want on a piece of paper (8 - 12 is fine - don't write the actual vocab word, only have a picture). Cut them into squares. Group students in partners or groups of 3. Give each group/partner a set of vocab pictures. Students all put their... Continue Reading →


How to Play: Just like normal Battleship, except use expressions/sentences/questions and answers. See doc for an example! You can Google many more ESL templates as well, but I encourage you to create your own to fit your lessons! Battleship

Giant Dice Games

How to Play: There are many ways you can utilize a giant dice with large groups. (I made one using a cardboard box and colored paper.) Split the class into 2 - 4 teams. Write 6 questions on the board relating to whatever topic you're teaching. One person on the first team rolls the dice, whichever... Continue Reading →


How to Play: Write vocabulary words on bits of scratch paper. Pick any student to choose a word and they must act it out without speaking or pointing to anything. Students raise their hands to guess, whoever guesses correctly is next. Other Tips/Alternatives: For more complex vocabulary or concepts they're learning, allow them to work in... Continue Reading →


How to Play: Similar to the sleepover game we played when we were kids. Divide the class into 2 - 4 teams and have each team stand in a line (front of the line at the board). The teacher stands in the back of the classroom and writes down a sentence (relate it to whatever... Continue Reading →

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