How to Carry Out Successful Class Games

Organization is key: If the students don't understand the game, it won't be fun. Be sure to explain all of the rules, the objective of the game and how to win. Demonstrate with 2 or 3 students before beginning.  For a lot of games, I number students from first to last on each team (usually based... Continue Reading →

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Word Scrambles

How to Play: This game can be modified for many different learning objectives. The main premise is that students organize and differentiate between words. For example, on separate pieces of paper, write verbs in the present simple, past simple and past participle. Organize students into 2-4 teams. Designate an order for each team from first to... Continue Reading →

Flip Cup

How to Play: Just like the party game, minus the booze! Organize desks in a long line and have two teams of students stand on either side facing each other. Give each student a plastic cup with a piece of paper at the bottom (face down so they can't read it!) This can be a vocabulary... Continue Reading →

Board Races

How to Play: There are many ways to have board races and students will always have a blast playing them. The main premise is similar to the game "Snake". Divide students into teams (no more than 4) and number each person on the team to designate a first-last order (once students reach the last person,... Continue Reading →

Minute to Win It

How to Play: This is a fun game I usually like to use for the last class before Christmas. Just like the game show, organize a few different one minute/short races and split the students into teams.  Ideas for games (mostly Christmas related but you can make it un-Christmasy): Transfer marshmallows from one plate to... Continue Reading →

Hit the Deck

How to Play: This is a fun camp-like game that works well with younger students (especially during gym class). Teach students a series of moves: "Hit the Deck": lay face down, flat on the floor "Pirate": one leg bent (peg leg), one hand over your eye (eye patch) and other arm curled onto your shoulder... Continue Reading →


How to Play: Students sit in a circle and each come up with a unique gesture (something simple and quick mostly utilizing their hands. For example, making "moose ears" or "dabbing"). The students each take turns showing the class their gesture and everybody mimics it. The teacher then teaches the students the "beat": SLAP, SLAP,... Continue Reading →

Musical Chairs

How to Play: This classic game can be lots of fun in the classroom! Set up the game as normal - gathering chairs in a circle (one less chair than the number of students. If there are 20 students, set up 19 chairs). Students gather around the chairs (or inside the chairs if you prefer... Continue Reading →


How to Play: Students stand in a circle with one person in the middle. This person will use their hands as a gun and "shoot" one person in the circle while shouting "BANG!". If the shot student ducks, they are safe. The two students on either side then turn to each other and "shoot" while... Continue Reading →

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