Catch Phrase

How to Play: Just like the board game! Students are divided into teams. Write vocabulary words on separate pieces of paper (or have the students write them). One student begins by choosing one paper and describing the word (without say any part of the word or pointing to anything or making any gestures) to their team. When the team guesses the word, the student chooses another word to describe and this continues until time is up. Count how many words were guessed correctly and they receive that many points. 

Other Tips/Alternatives: Works best with smaller groups. You can also make this more complex by copying the game Taboo – in addition to writing the word, also write three or four words that CANNOT be said either (for example: CHAIR – sit, table, legs). I also like to work in teams – sit in a circle with every other person on the same team. When it’s one person’s turn, the people beside them (on the other team) can look and make sure they don’t say any of the taboo-ed words.


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