This site is for any and all teachers looking for engaging activities to use in the classroom! These activities can be used for all ages and group sizes, with minimal preparation or supplies required! Every game is modifiable to work with your current teaching objectives.

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Each lesson is “tagged” in multiple categories – for example, the game “Snake” is under Medium Groups, Large Groups, No Prep, High Energy, No Supplies Needed, etc. Every activity has a short description with tips and alternative ways to make the game more complex if desired or to address different learning objectives! Some activities also have supplementary documents or links to examples with photos to give you a better idea of how to play!

Browse the following categories based on what you’re looking for!

Large Groups

15 – 40 students

Medium Groups

5 – 15 students


Private Lessons

Partner Work

Primary School

Ages 5 – 12

Secondary School

Ages 11 – 18

No Supplies Needed

If you have a black/white board, you’re set! (Also assuming your students have paper and writing utensils)

No Prep

When wingin’ it.

Little Prep

5-10 minutes of preparation.

High Energy

Exciting games to get students talking and working together.

Party Games

Classic party games modified to use in the classroom.

Ice Breakers

Great for the beginning of class or first-day lessons

To Kill Time

For those last five minutes of class when you promised them a game if they were good.





*Note: I am not the creator of [most of] these games, rather, they are classic teaching games or based off games I’ve come across over the years.

Leave comments saying how you used these games in your classroom!

Happy teaching:)


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